About Us

GCC Biotech, ISO 9001 certified facility, aims in providing support and solutions to the scientific community of the country by working along with them. It is a matter of great Pleasure to present our organization in a further new form.

It is with your continued support and patronage, GCC Biotech has today grown to be a leading Biotech Company in India with a network of four different offices/labs and over 50 people in sales, service and application support. Recently, we have started our new programme of service support through laboratory pertaining to Genomics to directly help scientists in their daily research activities. We have started our own Molecular Biology Laboratory in Kolkata Biotech Park, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, India for providing service support. Different polymath faculty members from Indian Universities, research organizations, international organizations and doyens in the field of Molecular Biology are direct advisers of our lab. We are greatly indebted to the West Bengal Biotech Development Corporation.(Government of West Bengal) and University of Calcutta for providing us the necessary infrastructure in Kolkata Biotech Park for the laboratory facilities. Various distinguished scientists and skilled technical experts are involved with our laboratory.

A small list of services offered from our end is furnished below:

        ●  Capillary Sequencing
        ●  Denovo Sequencing
        ●  Chip Sequencing
        ●  Next Gen Sequencing
        ●  Targeted NG Sequencing
        ●  Bio-informatics Solutions
        ●  Whole Genome NG Sequencing
        ●  Transcriptome Sequencing
        ●  Geno Typing
        ●  Primer Designing/Synthesis


GCC Biotech also continues its tradition of bringing into India innovative and world-class technologies in the field of Genomics and Proteomics. Each of the different product groups offer end-to end solutions and technical expertise apart from proven customer support.

Genomics has been GCC Biotech’s forte and we are delighted to celebrate the offer for partnership with University of Calcutta and West Bengal Biotech Corporation.

We intend to provide the service from our Molecular Biology Laboratory operated from Kolkata within three working days after receiving the sample from your end. Plans are in shape for expansion of this facility for further analysis soon and even catering to international customers.
We look forward for your continued support for enhancing our activities in the country. On behalf of our entire GCC Biotech team, we reiterate our strong commitment and dedication to Genomics research support and we owe our success to you.